joi, 18 aprilie 2013

Letter of application


I am writing to apply for the adventure project with your company. At present, I am in the second year of the Medical school in Bucharest.
            I am very interested in participating in this adventure because I love team cooperation and taking parts in adventures. I believe I am a good candidate for this television series because I work very well with team members and I love taking risks. As a young child I have done many tracks through the mountains with my grandfather and have started loving the wilderness. During the holidays I love going to the mountains especially during the summer time. I never give up. My team members will be lucky to have me because I don’t panic easily and I always figure a way to get out of trouble.
            I would appreciate it if you could send me ore details. I would like to know when the television series begin, what the location is and how long will it take. Would first aid knowledge be required?
            I am available for the interview at any time. I look forward to hearing from you.
                                                                                               Yours sincerely,